‘The colour palette was very classy and muted. We took hues from the walls and surrounds of both locations. Each space had beautiful pink tones, so we added some contrast through the use of white. We chose not to add in greenery to keep the overall feel more premium.

The design was intended to bring in a bit of an Australian edge, whilst being respectful of the Venetian space and elements. It was important that it felt classic with a modern edge, very fitting with the couple.

The objective was to allow the venue to shine, however adding focal points  such as the Panton chairs added some contrast for a stronger impact and more wow factor. These chairs, whilst being a modern looking design, still have a soft feel about them due to their curved lines which brought in a soft, fluid look into the space that we ran through right down to the smaller custom details.

We were lucky enough to design and style a welcome dinner, ceremony and reception space.’