‘These amazing ladies were so full of life and energy and that had to be captured through their styling. We played on the female relationship by bringing through a strong palette of shades of pinks and red for vibrancy and some feminine touches such as dolls and old female beauty products on the tables. We added a touch of grunge to their day to rough it up a just a touch.

Signage was such a big part of their day with lots of Taylor Swift references, and a huge reference to THUG WIVES- the girls blog ( also what their friends call them) became centre stage with all other elements around to compliment and gently draw your eye down the room. A great piece they got to keep after the day.

Interactive elements were brought through to entertain their guests such as vending machines, arcade games, real flash tattoos, fairy floss and popcorn. The funds made from these went into contributing to the girls having a baby. This really added to the overall fun feel of their day making it truly a memorable one!’