‘Safe to say this amazing couple was anything but boring! Their energy was so infectious, it was obvious from our first meeting that we were going to need vibrancy and some serious wow factor to get this across visually.

For a lasting impression we went with an unexpected colour palette of purple and orange with strong hits of pink. Each element was extremely considered right down to the finer details. All perfectly tied together with their incredible florals!

Playful signage was a must, decals were used on various surfaces to get people laughing anywhere they went around the venue in all kinds of unexpected places. The way we worded the signage was important as it was exactly the way they would speak in person.

Music references were brought through as the groom is a musician. Old records, band posters and memorabilia were sourced to achieve this visually. The open air venue was perfect for a great live music extravaganza ( and trust me it was) and solid party vibes.’