‘The lovely Elley and Mitch were wanting something classic however they both had a gentle modern edge to them. The venue they selected had such a beautiful charm to it, we knew we wanted to highlight it’s beauty but add in some lushness and warmth. With that in mind, the lighting the space was key, we invested in some lighting in the existing truss and walls to showcase the scale and brilliant patina.

Taking hues from the arches in the space, I decided to reverse out an arch for the feature triple row pendant lighting and run that through with the chair selection. This was a main feature in their custom design that added a soft glow to their ceremony and became the centrepiece for their live music as the night went on. Other circular elements such as furniture and signage were used to reference the arches in the space.

Clear acrylic was paired with custom stone bases to really allow the venue to be the hero. These were designed to gently compliment the space and add a gentle flow. These elements were all teamed with wild but elegant florals for ultimate impact.’