‘A street edge mixed with Studio 54 party vibes was the best way to get across their personalities. To reference the skyline and work within our theme, I brought through some metallic disco balls and other metallic elements such as a custom bar backdrop.

Signage had to be bold and impacting to bring through the street feel, yet by using materials like plush velvet through furniture and decor items we were able to maintain a premium feel throughout and find a beautiful balance.

These guys wanted to have food trucks but logistically being on a rooftop this wasn’t possible. So we created a custom Burger area for them with spray-painted gold shopping trolleys and a Bite Me neon sign to make it playful and interactive. This acted as an installation as well as a burger area with custom bags reflecting Brons opinionated vegetarian views that she’s known for amongst her loved ones.

The real showstopper was their hashtag aisle runner. Design inspiration for this came from Adidas stripes as they are both sneaker fanatics.’