The Story of a Nomad

A nomad, according to wikipedia, is one who roams from place to place hunting and gathering. Though I am not roaming from town to town for livestock or greener pastures, I am forever roaming for new inspiration, new ways of thinking and seeing things and for that ‘perfect piece’.

I am inspired by all things beautiful (both obvious and hidden). I am drawn to texture and unique pieces that exude character. I style to create a warmth, a mood, an indescribable feeling, to help tell a story, and to represent a sense of self.

Styling is not just what I do, it’s part of who I am. I was born a hunter gatherer, I love the chase and wont stop searching until I find what has been keeping me awake at night for the last week. Until I can walk away from something knowing it’s exactly as I pictured it, or better.

I am a perfectionist in the most bizarre sense- though more commonly referred to as ‘anal’. I consider this one of my best qualities and it’s what makes me stand out from the crowd.

So this is my story, now let’s get to making yours come to life..


Creative Director